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Tennis Betting Odds Explained. The easiest type of tennis betting to understand is match betting. Here, you decide who you think is going to win a match and place a bet on them to do so. You choose how much money to risk, known as the ‘stake’, and the bookmaker declares the odds they will give on your chosen outcome.

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This is perhaps the most common and popular betting option in tennis. Here, the sportsbook will offer odds on the winner of the game. As a bettor, it you have the freedom to select winner. The favourite gets a negative money line while the underdog gets a positive money line.

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Tennis matches are the ones that last all day long. Over hours and hours of playing, players’ bets finally will get some results as the match finishes. There are many different great players in tennis so when these matchups are set, SportsBetting tries to have the best betting lines set up for players to make money.

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Let’s start with the traditional: bets on the winner of a particular match. This works very similarly to a soccer game. That is, there are 2 players and 1 must choose between one or the other’s quota to win. Of course, unlike football, there is no tie in tennis.

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Money line bets are the most basic and popular market in tennis (and the majority of sports for that matter, including horse racing). Essentially, the bookies provide the odds on the outright winner of a match, and you simply pick your favorite for the win.

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The first of the two options for betting the spread in tennis, is betting the game line. If you’re familiar with betting spreads, this will be an extremely easy concept and you can skip ahead a bit. If not, here is a basic explanation of betting the game line spread: When betting the spread, you are essentially betting on a player to perform as well as expected or better.

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Tennis is very simple as it’s only a two-way market meaning you can only have two results, either player A wins, or player B wins. This means all you need to do is select player A or player B to win and place your simple win bet. Most people use tennis betting for accumulators as odds tend to be a little short for singles. What is set in tennis

Tennis Betting Explained

The first is betting the money line, meaning betting that a specific player or team will win the match outright. The other is betting the spread , meaning that you’re betting one player or team will win, plus or minus whatever the spread is set at for that particular match.