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Hello,I had the op just over 2 weeks ago on both elbows.I had suffered tennis elbow for about 18 months.The op was the last resort as i had tried everything else including a number of cotisone injections.I found that the cortisone gave good relief for up to 3 months but the pain always returns.I am 37 years old and i think the TE was self inflicted as i have always loved sport.The surgeon has ...

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New User. Dec 11, 2006. #10. KATO said: I had tennis elbow surgery two and half weeks ago. In my case, tendon was completely torn and I needed to have an open surgery to repair it. The pain has not been bad at all--I had to take pain killer only two days. I wore a cast for two weeks and have just started rehab.

Arm, Wrist & Hand: Has anyone had the TENNIS ELBOW surgery?

Posts: 1. Has anyone had the TENNIS ELBOW surgery? I'm 44 years old and have had chronic tennis elbow for nearly 3 years. I've tried all the conservative treatments with NO success and am in a tremendous amount of pain. I was finally referred to a ortho surgeon who specializes in the arm and he will be doing the traditional tennis elbow surgery ...

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09-10-2006, 02:28 PM #4. rl Guest. Kathy, It takes quite a long time to heal from tennis elbow surgery. I had my right arm done in 1989 and it took a good year at least to heal. My left arm was done this past Janurary and still hurts bad, also had radial tunnel surgery left arm in March. I still can,t use left arm much at all and my dr wants to ...

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Well I been in today for my tennis elbow release and ligament tidying up. All seems to gone ok. Private hospital through work. In at 1. Surgery at 3/4.Home at 7. My first time for general anaesthetic and none of this count from 10 down.. Just said I putting stuff in now. You feel a bit pain in...

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I finally got tired enough of the pain to have surgery on my elbow. They thought I had a bad bursitis and tendonitis (tennis elbow) and they were going to remove the bursa and then repair the tendon and reattach it. Turns out it wasn't the bursa after all, I had fallen and landed on my elbow...

Tennis Elbow Surgery: When Is It Time? – Five Key Points

A recent medical study from 2012 lends credence to Dr. Harris' claims - especially when it comes to surgery for Tennis Elbow. This looks to be the first time a study was done to compare the standard Tennis Elbow surgical procedure against the placebo effect by giving a "fake" / sham surgery to the control group.

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A few years ago, I had Golfer's Elbow. It is the same as Tennis Elbow but on the opposite side of the arm. A Dr. David Foster, a Sports Chiropractor, showed me how to use the "Graston Technique" at home. It cured my problem. This treatment method is a bit painful but it works. It cured my elbow problem in a little over a month. Kenny Croxdale

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Tennis elbow/arm surgeries are the two surgeries that I have absolutely no regrets in having done. Both of mine came out great and are to this day some 10 and 7 (different elbows) years later. I'm not going to pull the wool over your eyes, the recovery was no piece of cake but looking back I'm glad I had it done.